Core Values

These are the core values that we expect from ourselves, our team, and our investors.

How we serve our community. 

I value the people I serve and those whom with I serve. I use my heart, my mind, and my energy to care for those around me. Each day is an opportunity to improve my community and balance work with compassion and empathy for others. 

How we serve our team.

I honor the gifts and talents of others. We are a diverse family who seek to understand the other, listen well, and be heard to find mutual agreement. I will ask for help from the right person at the right time. I will celebrate with others when they do well and encourage them when they struggle. 

How we preform. 

I am committed to my purpose and my role. I am engaged and complete things I start. I help my teammates when they need it. I am the best version of myself and strive for excellence in my work each and every day. 

How we grow. 

I commit to transformation in mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of my life. I prioritize professional and personal development. I recognize that small, incremental habits can have a profound, cumulative effect on my future. 

Vesica Real Estate acquires and redevelops properties with a focus on impact investing.

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